I'm Looking For a Few More of My "Dream Clients," So If That's You ...
WARNING. Acceptance is by application and interview only. Not all who apply will qualify.
... if you're a dream client then ...

I will personally work with you one-on-one to ignite your business. I'll help you move from having to put in your time every day to a leveraged model, where it works without you.

I want to ask you a question. If we were to sit down in 12 months from today, and we were to chat about what you'd accomplished together in the past year ...
What would have had to happen, both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress? What goals would you have had to reach? How has your business changed? What would your life look like in that moment?
The vision that you hold right now is what I want to offer you as part of our POINTB IGNITION PROGRAM. We'll help you get to your "point b." It's happening for others right now, and now it's your turn!
Why the Ignition Program is the Closest Thing to Creating a Free Life That You'll Ever Get ...
  • You're going to learn how to create actual freedom ... something that you can experience daily.
  • There are two paths that lead to freedom. They follow on from each other, : (1) You create freedom by solving problems for others (adding value brings in money).  The money you make creates "optionality" ... you have more options. (2) You use it to buy back your time. You re-design your business to run without you. And then spend your time doing the things you  love and that put you into "flow" (your greatest freedom).
  • If you're like the way I use to be, then you already make plenty of cash ... but you're likely time-poor. I use to be that "successful guy." I had "made it." Plenty of money and anything I wanted ... except time.
  • When you're working with us, you're learning from the guy that's created EIGHT Freedom Businesses. You'll be learning how to leverage other people's talent, team, and technology.
HOW I CHOOSE. My Criteria for Choosing. It's the Only Person I'm Willing to Share My Personal Time With.
Dear friend,

I'm not going to convince you to apply for this program. The chances are it's not for you. What I will do is simply tell you who it is for ... and most importantly, who it is not for. I just don't enjoy working one-on-one with most people.

Here's who this program is for:
  • People with businesses that are currently creating at least 9,130.75€ in revenues each month.
  • People that want to do more while reducing their workload.
  • People who want to stop trading their "time for money" and working in un-leveraged ways.
  • People who are heart-centred and that love helping others. Contribution must be as important to you as making money.
  • People who know that their business has the potential for growth, and who are committed (willing to do whatever it takes) to making that happen.

This program is NOT for:
  • People that just care about money and don't have real value to create for people.
  • People that want to make a quick buck and will walk over others to do that.
  • People that are just starting in their business and that haven't begun to make consistent revenues.

I need to be brutally honesty ... 

I can't stand working with people that don't implement. I can't stand working with people that implement slowly (cruisers need not apply). We go hard and we go fast. We smash goals! I'm also not going to work with people that won't get themselves past being "stuck in detail," that is, people that won't make a decision because they think to need to know more or learn more, or evaluate more.

If you want to join this partnership, then you're also going to have to give me the world's greatest testimonial. When we win, you're going to have to publish those details to the world (in print, voice, and video) and let everyone know how much we helped.

If you're okay with that ... then you get to continue reading ...
HOW IT WORKS. My Process for Selecting and Enrolling My Dream Clients.
Here’s How It Works

First, you’ll need to enter your REAL email address below.

Then you’ll be taken to an application where I ask you all sorts of invasive questions about your business. Well ... they’re not that invasive. I’m just really trying to weed out the time-wasters and small-players.

The application will go to my office and one of two things will happen:

One, I’ll decide we’re not a good match and I’ll let you know politely. Or two, I’ll decide we MIGHT be a good match and someone from my office will schedule a call to see if we really are.

Nobody will pressure you, hassle you, or try to convince you. If you want in, great. If not, no problem. We care so much about results, that we do not care either way.

I’m only looking for a handful of people to help at any one time (because my time is also limited). I’ll review applications on a first come, first-served basis.
If (and Only If) You're a "Fit" Then ...
... this is how it will work. First, you'll get a call. We'll talk about your "point A" (where you are now ... what you've already got). Expect to answer:
  • What's your product? What are you selling right now?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How are you generating traffic/leads?
  • What are your products, and how do they ascend to high-priced backend offers?
  • What do you want to achieve moving forward?
Then we'll focus on these three things:
  • FIRST: Building you a converting online marketing funnel
  • SECOND: Setting up your high-ticket ascension offers
  • THIRD: Driving traffic to your site
... and then we will work with you to make it work.
It's really that simple. We've got a team ... make that a "Dream Team." That's what makes this happen fast.
When We Get That Right, You Will Scale Fast!
FIRST OFFICIAL WARNING. It's Not All Roses, and Sometimes the Results Can Be Surprising.
Businesses are not the same. Products are not the same. Your business won't be the same. There are limitations to how quickly every individual offering will grow.

And you also know that this plays both ways. You could literally be just a few small tweaks away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your business ... but do you know which tweaks you need to make?

We will provide you with all our experience and DO IT FOR YOU ... so you can scale ... FAST ...
FINAL WARNING. Before We Take a Further Step, There Are a Few Things That I Just Won't Tolerate ... 
Please DO NOT apply if ...
  • You are not coachable. What we will do for you is guaranteed and fool proof (as long as you have a marketable offering) ... and it works for us. Every so often I come across that fool, who for some reason enrols in the program and then doesn't listen. They think they know better and are not willing to change - if this is you please don't apply .
  • You have a phobia of making money . Sometimes people say the want something ... but when it comes to selling a program with lots of 000’s in the price ... they freak. This program is about making money. It's about growing your business. If you don't feel comfortable having a large increase in your business don't apply.
You're already creating a minimum of six figures in income a year (or expect to)
I will be aiming to take you to a million dollars a year 
So you should expect to make a minimum investment of 4,565.38€ per month with us
If this is NOT you then take a look at this program that will get you there (CLICK)
If that is you (and you meet all these criteria) then please carry on ...
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